Sweet Potatoes on the Stove

Growing up we always had sweet potatoes cooked like a vegetable...baked in the oven, skinned, mashed, and with a little butter, salt, and pepper added. As an adult I've tried many versions of sweet sweet potatoes (yams with marshmallows and sugar), and not liked any of them as much as a good old pile of mashed yams from my childhood.

Today I learned you can steam sweet potatoes! A friend recently gave us a steamer, and I recently bought sweet potatoes. With the fall heat averaging 90 degrees right now, I don't like to turn on the oven in the afternoon, but this is exactly when I wanted to cook my yams. So, I tried steaming them--it worked great! It took about an hour to cook, and I only had to deal with the heat from one burner plate instead of a whole oven! An added bonus is that my pans are a lot cleaner than the cookie sheets I used to use in the oven. I suppose you could even steam the sweet potatoes and use them with marshmallows (sigh). I'm definitely cooking sweet potatoes on the stove in the future!