Living Room...Done!

It all started with putting curtains in the windows, cleaning out boxes in the middle of the floor, and hanging a painting.  Here's the curtains.  Remember there are four windows, and these are the two on the kid-friendly side of the room.

Here is that "kid-friendly" corner.  We put Kaia's little table next to the windows and painting.  She loves drawing on it!

Here is the other side of the living room.  When you walk in the front door, it's like you walk in between two rooms.  The picture below is on your left and the picture above is on your right.  The curtains are on the same wall. 

The only problem was that the wall with the door on it felt a little red-heavy!  There were four windows with red curtains, and very little red anywhere else.  Then, Jon remembered a red silk he had bought when we were in Thailand.  It came on a hand-carved hanger with elephants on the ends.  So, we hung that on the wall opposite the curtains and set a dresser with a mirror next to it.  That seemed to balance everything perfectly.

Here is a view of the living room from behind the dresser...

And a view of the other side of the living room taken from the other side of the dresser.  You can see the dresser in both pictures.

We absolutely LOVE the open space it has created.  Kaia especially loves running from one end of it to the other end and around the corner to her play room.  We're going to work really hard to keep the toys in the play room, and keep the living room actually clean!  She's really good about keeping her toys in the play room.  It's like now that she has room for them, she doesn't mind keeping them away from the living room. 

Now we just need to organize the bedrooms and garage!  Wish us luck!