Today's Project: Living Room Windows

After a week of real winter weather, we're finally back up to normal temperatures.  It's 63 degrees tonight (at 7:00 pm).  We've needed something to cover the windows in our living room.  There were blinds in place when we moved in, but they were so broken that they were practically useless.  After a day (literally) of looking at different options, styles, costs, and benefits, we've decided (drumroll...) to put in "black-light" curtains on a tension rod inside the window frame.

(front view of our house--living room windows are on main floor)
The funny thing about the curtains was how long it took us to settle on a style and color.  We agreed on the paint color for the house in less than two minutes, but we both kept changing our minds about the windows!

We wanted curtains to help with heating: it was amazing how much colder the main floor was than the second floor.  We learned that black-light curtains keep warm air in during the winter and out during the summer.  We finally agreed on red curtains.  (Now I won't need a red accent wall!)  Losing several inches of space to curtains seemed sad, so we're mounting them inside the window frame.  I'll put pictures up when we finish.  I still need to hem the curtains...we're hoping to finish tonight, but you never know!