Valentines With Our Toddler

Almost a week ago my sweet little toddler told us that we needed to decorate our house for Valentines.  She was all too happy to help and get involved in the projects!  I really enjoyed watching Kaia write on this heart chain that Jon cut out.  Of course, she wasn't the only one writing!

Yesterday we dipped strawberries in white chocolate and added sprinkles.  It was the perfect toddler Valentine activity--what 2-year old wouldn't love licking her fingers after they were coated with white chocolate and strawberries?  Kaia loved it, I loved it, and we all loved eating them! 
And last, but not least, Kaia's been making Valentine's for us all week.  We're going to make some finger print and hand print specials today and tomorrow, but so far she has enjoyed using stickers and markers.  Did I mention that we're celebrating Valentine's all week long?!!