Easter 2010

An Easter "Dream Fairy" in the woods on Good Friday!
Easter really began for us on Friday at the ward's Easter Primary Activity.
The activity was at a park...Kaia's making a cake.
When the egg hunt began we weren't sure why Kaia was skipping over so many obvious eggs.
Soon we noticed that she was only hunting for blue eggs!
Each kid was allowed 10 eggs...victory is sweet!
On Sunday we decorated boiled eggs.  Check out that concentration!
We all got in on the decorating action.
We used a kit with baggies.  You put the dye(s) into the baggie with the egg and swirl it around with your fingers until the egg is coated.  This is so much better than trying to get our new 3-year old to balance an egg on a spoon in a cup of dye!
And the baggies have lots of uses!
The dyes dried in minutes...check out the green egg's "hat."
I love this picture!
If you put an egg in just the right spot, it can block all the sun in your eyes!
Kaia was very happy when she figured out how to peel the egg-ies!