Amanda and Fun

My sister Amanda is spending two weeks with us--we've been having fun showing her around Houston.  She took this picture at East End Park in Kingwood last week.  We had some extra heavy rains and cooler temperatures because of Hurricane Alex, but the weather seems back to its regular cheery self (that is, 95 degrees and 50% humidity!).

Tragically, we had memory card problems when we went to the Johnson Space Center.  We did meet a nice group of nuns with a few young women, and one of the girls took this picture for us outside Saturn V (one of the rocket assemblies that sent astronauts to the moon...).  Kaia especially loved the rockets, eating "space ice-cream," and getting a balloon!  She also loved, loved, loved! putting on an astronaut helmet and looking at herself in the mirror!  Looking at the NASA training room was fun...we found out there is no such thing as a zero-gravity training room--it's just in movies!

While the weather was cool we went berry picking, and when it warmed up we went downtown--I'll put up pictures from the museum later!


Julie July 13, 2010 at 10:54 AM  

Wait a second, Carla, you could not have possibly just had a baby- you look great! Looks like baby Harry is not slowing you guys down much and you're having lots and lots of fun this summer. :)

Jansen Family July 14, 2010 at 9:09 PM  

Julie, you are so sweet! Harry really likes the humidity (possibly even more than me!), so we have been enjoying the summer. :)