5 Years

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary!  I thought I'd celebrate with some wedding pictures.

Some of my favorite adventures from just this last year:
(in no particular order)
* buying our first house
* having a second child
* starting law school
* registering to provide day care
* cheering for Jon at the San Antonio Marathon
* camping at Galveston
* helping Kaia learn to ride a bike
* getting bikes
* a folding bike!
* Christmas with 7 people in our apartment
* Humble ISD Fine Arts Festival
* Super Kaia and Super Harry Save Baby Bongo at almost midnight
* pizza parties upstairs 
* more visits from Grandma Judy
* picking blueberries
* giant sand castle with Amanda at the beach
* Astros game (and tow truck) with Crystal, Damon, and their kids
* a Thanksgiving party
* discovering a "forest" by our house
* and most of all, exploring, trying new things, and growing with the man I love!