Fingerpainting Fun With Homemade Paint

We love fingerpainting!  Usually we use our normal Crayola Washable Kids' Paints, but after reading Supermommy's post I decided to try something new.  I cut her recipe down (a lot!) and mixed each bowl individually.  Each bowl had about 1/4 cup flour, 1/4 cup water, and two drops of food coloring.  (Next time I will probably only use 2 tablespoons of flour and water.)  The kids had a great time mixing it all together!
 Everyone "painted" at least two pictures.  There's just something magical about painting and getting your fingers goopy!  Some of the pages were so wet that I wasn't sure if they would ever dry!  Still, after six hours all but two were dry.  The last two, totally soaked with paint mixture half an inch thick, took about ten hours to dry!  Luckily, those belonged to my princess who was willing to wait all day to pick it up!
 The paint mixture made a really great sensory experience.  Their little hands found the paint completely irresistible and I frequently heard squishy, farty sounds coming from the bowls!
Also, it is a finger-painting only mixture...I tried using a paintbrush (I get curious!) and it was not very effective!  Still, beautiful, non-toxic, and very fun.  Of course, since it is mostly flour and Houston is amazingly humid, the masterpieces will only be around for a couple days.  We'll just have to repeat the activity then!
 A good mess is a sign of a lot of fun!
 The masterpieces drying:
I really liked how the paint bent and stiffened the paper as it dried.  It made the final products very textured and fun to hold!