Little Quotes to Make You Smile

Well, at least they make me smile!  I'll probably add to the list again in the future, but Kaia has been saying the most entertaining things lately!  What do your kids say that you just want to hang on a quote board?
* "Mommy, when I'm a mommy can I borrow your shoes because mine won't fit me then?"

* "Harry!  We were so glad you came to us--we just needed a baby and you were in Mommy's tummy and with Jesus and now you are here!"

* "Mommy, I'm coming in here by you because I don't understand why Daddy needs to study."

* "No, Mommy, I just forgot to fall asleep."  (After laying in bed awake for two hours at nap time!)

* "I just reminded you to bring the broom downstairs because I never forget!  I remember everything!" ("Everything" is accompanied by large hand motions that seem to encompass the world!)

* her new favorite explanation for disobeying:  "Mommy, I just misunderstood."


The Shepherd family October 30, 2010 at 5:01 PM  

She is sooo you when you were little! :o) GOod luck with her as she gets older!