Wild Parakeets in Houston!

Yesterday we were downtown by the University of Houston.  I heard lots of chirping and looked up into the Oak trees by the parking lot and saw... parakeets!  "Strange," I thought, "I didn't know Houston had parakeets...or any other parrots for that matter!"  Maybe it was a related bird migrating.  I decided to go home and look it up.  When I got home and checked my bird books, I couldn't find any parakeet-like birds in our area.  None.  So, I went to the internet.  (Love the internet, right?!)  I discovered that parakeets do, indeed, live in the "wild" in downtown Houston!

Beginning in the 1960s small groups of parakeets have been inadvertently "released" and managed to thrive and reproduce in the Houston area!  There are at least 150 Monk Parakeets that have been building nests in power towers and buildings for the last few decades!  I thought the birds I saw had more green on their bellies, throats, and heads than the Monk Parakeets, but everything else seems to fit.  They were very pretty birds and I was very upset that I didn't have a camera with me.  I almost packed everyone up and went downtown again just to take pictures and confirm whether they were Monk Parakeets or not, but then I decided that parakeets are parakeets and I will be okay not knowing for sure what particular type of parakeet we saw...for now!  I'm sure we'll be there again soon and I can find out then.


The Shepherd family October 4, 2010 at 3:25 PM  

Cool, Mother Nature takes control! :o)Next time you are there you will know to have your camera! :o)