Halloween Part 1: Dream Fairy at the Zoo Boo

Halloween may have started with creepy ghosts on All Hallow's Eve, but around here it meant a lot of dream fairies and princesses.  And a fireman, er, I mean "fire-girl!"  One of our first Halloween adventures was at the Houston Zoo Boo.  Harry didn't dress up, but Kaia sure looked cute!
In case you're wondering, dream fairies give people dreams.  Kaia likes to have you lay down and pretend to sleep while she waves her wand over your head and pronounces nice dreams on you...usually rainbows or butterflies.  Then she likes to take a turn sleeping and have you give her good dreams.  Don't worry--she'll let you use her wand!
There were a few new things at the zoo...this rhino was one of them!  It must be to raise anticipation of the unveiling of the African Forest in December.
A dream fairy likes to hold her Daddy's hand.
One of Kaia's favorite parts of the Zoo Boo was playing with her friend, whose family met us at the zoo.
They were both so nervous and excited about going in one particular cave that they had to go in together holding hands!
Dream fairies are great climbers...
...and so are their little brothers!
We also played in a pumpkin patch, complete with hay bales. Carved and painted pumpkins seem so much more friendly than the Irish myth about their origin.  Apparently, the first carved squash carried a burning coal so that Jack, turned away from both heaven and hell, could see as he wondered the Earth in an eternal limbo!
Happy Halloween!! and 
sweet dreams!

In Halloween Part 2 we dressed up Harry for a Trunk-or-Treat...coming soon!