Halloween Part 3: Jesse Jones Park

Our last Halloween Trip was to Jesse Jones Park for their Halloween festivities.   
Kaia is waving her trick-or-treat bucket on the Trick or Treat Trail--such a cute, fun way to host trick-or-treating!  At the end of the trail was a photo-op by a scare-crow with a pumpkin head.  We've seen lots of scare-crows in stories, but this was the first "real" one Kaia had seen with  a pumpkin head!  She just had to touch it!  Now when a photographer dressed like a scare-crow offered to let her touch that costume, Kaia instantly backed away and wanted nothing to do with scare-crows...at least scare-crows that walked!
At dusk, Kaia insisted on the hay ride.  It wound through the park faster than any other hay ride I've been on--our hair was literally flying behind us the whole time!  It was a highlight for all of us!
 (Harry has been spitting a lot lately...he's pretty proud of his bubble-making skills.)
 Last, but certainly not least, our little dream fairy just had to wave her wand at this spider!  Good thing it was fake!  She actually came very close to petting a 6-foot long snake at this event...until she heard the ranger holding it tell someone, "Oh, she can bite, but she doesn't."  Suddenly, Kaia withdrew her hand and wanted to walk far, far away!
Jesse Jones Park and Nature Reserve (Houston area) put on a pretty good Halloween event...and it was on Saturday, which I appreciated.  I think it will be an annual event for us.