Cute Little Crochet Bell (with pattern!)

Looking for a little crochet bell pattern?  I made these little bells for a couple present toppers.  They could also be used as tree ornaments or other little decorations.  They are tiny--about 1 1/2 inches tall--but very fun!  They also work up pretty quickly.  Kaia was watching and said, "Mommy!  They look like little bells!"  Actually, I had so much fun designing them that I think I will start designing more...I had some ideas for bigger ones too!  We'll see when I have time for that!

For anyone interested, here is my little crocheted bell pattern.  I'd love to know if you like it or use it for anything!

Cute Little Crocheted Bell Pattern

Use white crochet thread and a size 3 crochet hook (or a different size as necessary to achieve desired gauge.

All *ch 3* at start of rows count as a dc.

  1. leave a 4-inch string to tie bells together. ch 3, slip stitch together to form ring.
  2. ch 3, 11 dc in ring, slip stitch to top of ch 3.  [12 stitches]
  3. ch 3, *2 dc in next dc, 1 dc in next dc* around. Slip stitch to top of ch 3.  [19 stitches]
  4. ch 5, *skip 2 stitches, dc in next dc, ch 2* around.  Slip stitch to 3rd ch in ch 5.  [7 ch-2 spaces]
  5. repeat row 4.
  6. repeat row 4.
  7. ch 1, *3 sc in ch-2 space, 1 sc in next dc* around.  Slip stitch to ch-1.
  8. *1 sc in next sc, ch 1, (1 dc, ch 2, 1 dc) in next sc, ch 1, sc in next sc, slip stitch in next sc* around.  7 scallops.  Finish off.
  9. Stiffen bell by dipping in (1/4 c. Elmers glue mixed well with 1/4 c. water).  Blot excess liquid dry with a towel or a paper towel.  Arrange bell to the shape you want it to take when it dries.  Let bell dry. 
  10. Use 4-inch string to thread a ringer on the bell, then pull the string up through top of bell.  You can tie it to another bell or attach ringers, and ribbons or flowers.