Spanish Phrases

Sometimes it seems like I say the same things two million times a day.  For example, "Put the blocks in the bag," or "Put the blocks in the bucket."  I figured, if I say that two million times a day I'm saying it 60 million times a month and 720 million times a year!  What a waste of time!

My solution was to use it to teach the kiddos a few Spanish phrases.  Kaia already likes Spanish because Dora and Diego are so cool.  A little more Spanish can only be good!  Plus, it's good practice for me.

So, these are the phrases I'm starting with:

  • Pon (Pongan) los bloques en la bolsa.     (Put the blocks in the bag.)
  • Pon (Pongan) los bloques en el cubo.     (Put the blocks in the bucket.)
  • Pon (Pongan) los bloques suaves en el cajón.     (Put the soft blocks in the drawer.)
  • Pon (Pongan) la pelota en el cubo.     (Put the ball in the bucket.)
  • Recoge (Recojan) una pelota. Ponlo (Ponganlo) en el cubo.     (Pick up a ball.  Put it in the bucket.)

Obviously, the sentences can be mixed up and rearranged.  I put "Pon (Pongan)" to show how the sentence changes if I am talking to one child (Pon) or two or more children (Pongan).

This has been a lot of fun--for me and the kids!  A little while ago Kaia said to Jon, "Daddy!  Do you know how to say 'bucket' in Spanish?"  And she told him right!  Of course, Jon already knew but I still enjoyed listening to her tell him!  And I feel like I am using our "clean-up" time so much better!


Skye December 8, 2010 at 3:17 PM  

What a great way to teach them without even realizing it! That makes it fun! Great idea!