Living Room...Done!

It all started with putting curtains in the windows, cleaning out boxes in the middle of the floor, and hanging a painting.  Here's the curtains.  Remember there are four windows, and these are the two on the kid-friendly side of the room.

Here is that "kid-friendly" corner.  We put Kaia's little table next to the windows and painting.  She loves drawing on it!

Here is the other side of the living room.  When you walk in the front door, it's like you walk in between two rooms.  The picture below is on your left and the picture above is on your right.  The curtains are on the same wall. 

The only problem was that the wall with the door on it felt a little red-heavy!  There were four windows with red curtains, and very little red anywhere else.  Then, Jon remembered a red silk he had bought when we were in Thailand.  It came on a hand-carved hanger with elephants on the ends.  So, we hung that on the wall opposite the curtains and set a dresser with a mirror next to it.  That seemed to balance everything perfectly.

Here is a view of the living room from behind the dresser...

And a view of the other side of the living room taken from the other side of the dresser.  You can see the dresser in both pictures.

We absolutely LOVE the open space it has created.  Kaia especially loves running from one end of it to the other end and around the corner to her play room.  We're going to work really hard to keep the toys in the play room, and keep the living room actually clean!  She's really good about keeping her toys in the play room.  It's like now that she has room for them, she doesn't mind keeping them away from the living room. 

Now we just need to organize the bedrooms and garage!  Wish us luck!

Today's Project: Living Room Windows

After a week of real winter weather, we're finally back up to normal temperatures.  It's 63 degrees tonight (at 7:00 pm).  We've needed something to cover the windows in our living room.  There were blinds in place when we moved in, but they were so broken that they were practically useless.  After a day (literally) of looking at different options, styles, costs, and benefits, we've decided (drumroll...) to put in "black-light" curtains on a tension rod inside the window frame.

(front view of our house--living room windows are on main floor)
The funny thing about the curtains was how long it took us to settle on a style and color.  We agreed on the paint color for the house in less than two minutes, but we both kept changing our minds about the windows!

We wanted curtains to help with heating: it was amazing how much colder the main floor was than the second floor.  We learned that black-light curtains keep warm air in during the winter and out during the summer.  We finally agreed on red curtains.  (Now I won't need a red accent wall!)  Losing several inches of space to curtains seemed sad, so we're mounting them inside the window frame.  I'll put pictures up when we finish.  I still need to hem the curtains...we're hoping to finish tonight, but you never know!

Ice in Houston?

Kaia received a book from her Uncle Stuart for Christmas called Bartholomew and the Oobleck (by Dr. Seuss).  The story begins with the King of Didd getting angry with the sky because it only drops the same four things -- rain, snow, fog, and sunshine -- on his kingdom.  Usually, as we read it, one of us will call the king "silly" for being mad at the sky.  Today, I think I understand the king.

We moved to Houston in August, 2007.  Our winter clothes were in boxes, and they didn't come out of boxes until three days ago.  During our first two winters, we would sometimes leave home in the morning with a light weight jacket on, knowing that when we returned in the afternoon we wouldn't want to wear it.  Normally, there are only 2 1/2 months out of the whole year when the LOW for the day is below 50 degrees.  Even in the winter, by noon the temperatures are close to 50.  Suddenly, we are feeling the blunt end of an arctic front that somehow has managed to reach the gulf!  We actually had a "hard freeze" warning issued for today!  I watched out neighbors dump water on their windshield to try to get through the ice!  There was even some discussion about closing the schools to ease up on the electric grid (of course, that wouldn't actually happen in our district!).  Our temperatures haven't risen above freezing since yesterday afternoon...and they aren't projected to until tomorrow afternoon!

I was going to take Kaia to the zoo on Saturday so Jon could do some more painting, but in this weather...uh, NO!  I'm thinking the library sounds more pleasant.  Maybe the mall--we could go play on some of those germ-covered toys.

I know most of my family lives in nice, cold climate places that regularly have winter.  I hate to say it, but I am accustomed to a climate controlled by the gulf.  It's nice.  (Don't cringe too much!)

And don't worry, Bartholomew...I won't be summoning any magicians to try to change the weather.  I just hope it takes care of itself soon.

Staying Alive!

This little blog was just saved from extinction by a new internet connection!  We moved into a house last weekend and had internet set up yesterday.

Announcements, Announcements, Announcements:
*  We're expecting a baby boy in May!
*  We just bought a new house!

And, of course, a New Year's Resolution:
*  Make at least 1-2 blog posts a week!  (The original idea of a blog was so family could stay current and see pictures...not very helpful if we only post every three months!)

And, finally, what is a post without a picture?  Here is one of Kaia's many dress up moments...she's a "cow-girl!"  It's amazing what happens when you put on the right kind of hat!