Blueberry Picking

Last weekend we went to Moorehead Farm and picked blueberries.  It was Harry's first trip and he spent most of the time hidden in the carrier with Jon!  Kaia did an excellent job picking out the dark blue berries and getting down inside the bushes.  The bushes were so cool--they were practically little trees!  Most of them were taller than me, but the branches were dense enough that it was a little work to get inside of them.  The only downside was the line to the toilet! 

3 Weeks Later

Three weeks later and Harry is growing, Kaia is growing, and life seems to be moving much faster than it is supposed to!  Harry has so many great little expressions--it seems like he is always trying to say something.  Sometimes it is as simple as "I'm hungry!" and other times it's like "What on Earth are you doing?"  He loves his sister and she is so excited to help take care of him.  She is, like always, a fantastic a great big sister!

Baby Harry