They Just Keep Growing!

Here we have Kaia and Amanda at the beach on Monday and in the rain two weeks ago.
Kaia is Super Blue, cooking in the train, and running away from the camera! 
Finally, Kaia and Harry are looking out the window and Harry is smiling for the camera!  Harry now smiles frequently and seems way too anxious to hold his head up and crawl.  I keep finding myself both amazed and frustrated by how fast they grow: sometimes I want to slow it down, but other times I just feel lucky to be a part of it.

Museum of Natural History

We think the museum has the best Butterfly Room ever!
Ride that Caterpillar!  (We had to assure Kaia that it was not alive, that it was a statue, and that it would not bite or break if she climbed on it!)
Trying to catch butterfly projections!
It may look like any other candy machine...
but it was full of bugs!
How could I resist seeing the fossil that made history...Archeopteryx is so beyond famous!  Kaia thought some of the other fossils were more interesting, but when we finished looking at them she said she needed to see the sunlight because it would make her happy.
We all enjoyed the dinosaurs.
Kaia was mesmerized by the dawn of creation and the ocean below.
Kaia couldn't wait to get outside and touch the world!
She also loved the fountains...I love seeing her love running!

Amanda and Fun

My sister Amanda is spending two weeks with us--we've been having fun showing her around Houston.  She took this picture at East End Park in Kingwood last week.  We had some extra heavy rains and cooler temperatures because of Hurricane Alex, but the weather seems back to its regular cheery self (that is, 95 degrees and 50% humidity!).

Tragically, we had memory card problems when we went to the Johnson Space Center.  We did meet a nice group of nuns with a few young women, and one of the girls took this picture for us outside Saturn V (one of the rocket assemblies that sent astronauts to the moon...).  Kaia especially loved the rockets, eating "space ice-cream," and getting a balloon!  She also loved, loved, loved! putting on an astronaut helmet and looking at herself in the mirror!  Looking at the NASA training room was fun...we found out there is no such thing as a zero-gravity training room--it's just in movies!

While the weather was cool we went berry picking, and when it warmed up we went downtown--I'll put up pictures from the museum later!