Can We Fix It? Yes, We Can!

About six months ago some young friends of ours managed to get a ball stuck in this air-blowing toy.  The ball has been stuck ever since...I haven't had the time or motivation to try unscrewing it and the ball absolutely would not budge.  After looking at the screws we discovered that taking them out wouldn't fix anything.  We decided the toy was trash, but I really wanted the ball back.  So we held onto it longer.  One night, Kaia saw the hammer that her daddy had recently used sitting near the toy.  She asked if she could fix the toy.  (Daddy's plan was to smash the toy to get the ball out!)  Jon told her she could try, but we were both sure that after hitting it for a few minutes she would get bored and Jon would take care of it later.  Amazing us all, she dented up the toy just enough that she lifted the ball out!  Yay!  The ball went back to the play room and the toy went to the trash.  "Kaia saved the day!"  She was quite happy with herself!

Harry Wants To Crawl


This sweet little 9-week old is SO anxious to crawl!  It amazes me!  I just want to snuggle him forever, and then he gets on the floor starts doing these routines!

Kaia's un-Birthday Party

Kaia wanted to have a birthday party.  Her birthday is in April.  It was very important to her to have a birthday party.  So, we made some cake-in-a-cup, dished up the ice-cream and poured on the sprinkles!  Sprinkles were important.  They poured faster than Kaia expected.  Nobody minded the extra sprinkles, though they were basically all on Kaia's plate!