They Start So Young!

What is with this new generation and their obsession with all things electronic?  Is it somehow bred into them?
I always thought I was on top of things because:
1- I always had access to a computer growing up.
2- I learned how to type before I finished middle school and.
3- I felt confident in front of a computer.

However, I realized a few things recently:
1- My first email address was assigned to me by BYU--I was in college!!
2- I had graduated from college before I bought a cell phone.
3- The first digital camera I owned was after I got married.
4- I did two internet searches in high school. 
5- I remember when you had to go inside to pay for gas.
6- I've never tweeted.  (Though I will fix this one soon!)

At three years old, Kaia has navigated the internet more than I had at 17!  Harry knows more about computers than anyone from the 19th century.

Lest you get the wrong idea, I do have a facebook account, I know how to make a blog, and I still feel like I am at the front (relatively) of the internet age.  I just had a bit of a paradigm shift while I looked at my kids!

Bike Ride!

What's better than a bike ride?  A bike ride with your cousin!  Kaia *loved* having her cousins over a few weeks ago.  She also really likes going for bike rides lately.  I loved hearing them squeal when we went fast and chat when we slowed down.  It will be fun when Harry can sit up too!

Comments About the AOSOM Bike Trailer:

Our whole family really likes the AOSOM Bike Trailer (well, everyone but Harry!).  It is lightweight, inexpensive, convenient to change from the bike to a jogging stroller, has a weather canopy, has large wheels, has storage space, and safely carries one or two kiddos.  As far as I'm concerned it only has four drawbacks:  1) The weather canopy perfectly covers the roof--too much wind would blow rain inside.  2) It is designed for children 18 months and older.  3) The instructions/specs did not mention a height restriction, but there is a line drawn on the back that says not to pass it.  Kaia's close to the line already.  Hopefully she doesn't get too tall too soon!  4) The assembly instructions were clearly written by someone who was not a native English speaker!  Fortunately it had decent pictures, the assembly was relatively simple, and my Jon figured it all out!  Overall, we're very happy with it and use it any chance we get!

DFPS Made Us Do It

Let me just say I LOVE OUR BACK DOOR!  Our back door goes out our dining room into the back yard.  It has a glass panel in the middle of it.  I recently finished registering our home with the state DFPS so I could legally watch children here during the day.  One of their requirements is that glass panels that children might accidentally try to walk through contain some kind of glass decal to avoid injuries.  Well, this became a family project--everyone (well, Jon, Kaia, and I) contributed significantly.  Harry visited with us at the table.  We had a great time and I LOVE THE RESULT!!!  Here are some more pictures from different angles.

This last one is actually from the other direction at nighttime.