Happy 8-Month Birthday!!

I'm convinced that time moves faster as I get older.  I'm sure it was just a few weeks ago that I carried this tiny newborn home and wondered what kind of personality he would have.  Fast forward eight very speedy months and I am just starting to get to know the little guy.

Harry is FULL of smiles!  He loves to laugh and is entertained by everything from the idea of going outside (yes, he gets giddy when we get close to the door!) to the sight of his sister running (maybe he imagines he is running too?)!
 He absolutely loves taking baths.  When we walk in the bathroom around 6:00 pm he starts jumping in my arms, laughing, and reaching for the tub!  Those little kicking legs can splash water at least four feet high!  He also thinks washing his hands in the sink is pretty terrific. When I take him out of the tub, he is tired and doesn't mind leaving the water.  When I take him away from the sink, he is never done and wants to make sure I know it!  He usually forgives me when I distract him with a toy...or book...or his sister!
 Why is he smiling after his bath?  He must be in a good mood!  He gets very frustrated when I (or his dad) control his arms.  He would have you believe that "forcing" him to put on a shirt is torture.  When the ordeal is over and he's allowed to move at will, he starts smiling again.
 Holding a bike, he is showcasing two of his favorite skills:  blowing raspberries and standing!  This month he learned how to "cruise" and can "walk" all over the house...as long as he has something to hold on to or lean against (like a wall, toy, or bike!).  He also seems very entertained with himself if he can blow raspberries on my arm.  And notice, he is standing in one of his favorite places:  The Great Outdoors.  I feel very blessed to live in Houston, where we can go outside year-round. 
 One of Harry's favorite people of all time is his amazing sister, Kaia.  Today they were playing in her room when she thought he might enjoy playing with her Cherries game.  So she carefully put all 20 cherries in another bucket "so he wouldn't eat any of them" and gave him the board game and tree pieces.  She constantly amazes me!  When she says his name, it sounds just like Hermione saying "Harry" in Harry Potter!  (no, not where we got the name, in case you were wondering!)  

Harry starts jumping and laughing whenever Kaia comes in the room.  He doesn't mind her hair in his face when she hugs him and he "kisses" her right back!  His kisses, by the way, are super sweet.  He will listen to Kaia tell stories, sing songs, and dance happily.  He LOVES to play in the same area as her...if she's building with blocks, he wants to build too.  If she moves to her craft table, he wants to move too.  I hope they will always be great friends.
I love when he hugs me and pats me on the back or arm.  I also love holding his hands and helping him run around after Kaia and his friends.  His favorite foods right now are mashed fruits and fruit-flavored "puffs."

He also loves his little friends that visit each day.  This afternoon they were "talking" after naps and between the talking and watching Kaia run back and forth, Harry was laughing so much I had to record it.  This is about 30 seconds of straight laughing...and he had been doing for at least five minutes before I thought to get the camera! 

Happy eight months, Harry!  We love you TONS and (even though we want to keep you little forever) can't wait to get to know you better as you grow!  You have certainly made our lives better.  Keep smiling!


Unlikely Origins January 27, 2011 at 9:19 PM  

What a great smile! (And omg, the baby double chin in that wagon picture! *dies*)

Unlikely Origins January 27, 2011 at 9:20 PM  

Er, wagon, trike, whatever. It's late! (Sorry.)

Christy Lee January 27, 2011 at 10:41 PM  

He is so cute, and ha ha, I need to let my husband know that someone else celebrates month birthdays in a BIG way! He thinks I'm nuts. Well I might be, but not about this!

Jansen Family January 28, 2011 at 8:56 AM  

Karinya, I love that chin too!

Christy, until he's two, months are just as landmark as years!


Babysmartees January 28, 2011 at 1:10 PM  

Saw you on the Babysmartees site as well as on Mom Bloggers. Thank you for following. I am now following your site and will be checking in often. Can I use your tamborine idea for an infant stimulation activity?


P.S. Your children are gorgeous. The photos come out really well especially against this background. Really well-designed site.

Jansen Family January 28, 2011 at 1:51 PM  

Thanks, Paula! I'm so glad you came by! Of course you can use the tambourine idea. I'd appreciate a reference or a link back. ;)

Forgetfulone January 28, 2011 at 6:44 PM  

oh. my. gosh... he's adorable! I absolutely love that grinning bath time picture.