Harry's First Haircut

Harry has a lot of nick-names, but when we added "Shaggy Baby" to the mix we knew a hair-cut was coming soon.  
Yes, the little guy still has a cold--you can see it in his eyes--but check out that hair!  It's still way too fine to comb, and who combs an eight-month-old's hair anyways?!  The only problem is...who cuts an eight-month-old's hair?!  The solution, of course, was Daddy.
 It probably took less than five minutes.  All things considered, Harry did really well.  Kaia was like three when she had her first haircut!
 "Maybe if I grab this, it will stop..."
"Okay, people, I'm really done now..."
Okay, Handsome.  You really are done now.
"Yes! I get to clean up in the water!"
Yeah, it made a difference.  Now our little man's all grown up.  He's had a haircut.


DP February 13, 2011 at 6:01 PM  

He looks very handsome now with his haircut. But I do think the fuzzy hair all over the place is adorable too!

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Jansen Family February 13, 2011 at 10:21 PM  

DP, there is something cute about our Shaggy Baby! I have to say, though, he does feel a lot less un-kept now! I almost think it makes him look younger too!