High Beams and Bouncing

Gymnastics for preschoolers?  Well, yes.  Kaia's been attending a class at The Little Gym and absolutely loving it.  Each week they have different group activities they use as a warm up.  The week I took these pictures they used a giant inflatable bouncy room!
 We've only gone to a few classes, but I can already see some good things coming from them.  Kaia is more comfortable in large groups, she's more comfortable pointing out her own needs, and she's getting more confident in very important skills (like jumping off high platforms).  Seriously... it could save her life someday!
 The balance beam has been another little accomplishment.  When she began she really wanted to hold someone's hand...or even just a finger!  If that wasn't an option, she wanted to secure herself with her hands.  After a week or two, she was willing to stand and shuffle her feet along the beam.  She could cross it without lifting up her feet.  Finally, two weeks ago, she did this:
She lifted her feet right off of the beam.  Then, she repeated the feat on the tall balance beam.  Yeah, I was pretty proud of her.  It's so good to see her proud of herself too.  She realizes she's conquering little fears.  This week she even did it backwards!  The teacher did hold everyone's hand as they went backwards, but she still held out her arms and lifted up her feet.

And what does Harry do while Kaia learns new skills and practices amazing tricks?  He flirts with the other moms, plays with toys, practices walking, and talks to himself.


Skye March 1, 2011 at 12:27 PM  

I love Harry's little camo outfit! haha! Aww you must be such a proud mama! I look forward to those days. And like you said, there are other aspects of it that are beneficial like being in groups.

Funny, we actually just signed up for a free class at the Little Gym by us, to try out the "Birds" class (10-19 months old) - it's really just for baby socialization more than anything - its not like she'll be doing backflips. If we like the class, then we plan to sign her up for the summer session ... it will be fun!

The Shepherd family March 1, 2011 at 1:30 PM  

Great to find things that get the wiggles out of the kids and have great social benefits :o)

Jansen Family March 1, 2011 at 1:30 PM  

We went to a free class first too. Afterward, I wasn't sure we would sign up. But Kaia said, "Can we go there on another day too?" about two minutes after we left! So, yeah, we're sold.


Karinya March 1, 2011 at 11:44 PM  

Can I admit, at the risk of sounding like a mom who takes everything waaaay too seriously after taking too many women's studies classes in college, that the idea of gymnastics classes for my toddler fills me with nightmares of eating disorders and body image issues on down the line? Seriously.

That said . . . these photos are super cute. And eventually I'll probably get over myself and sign K up for gymnastics herself, because she's in yoga right now and loves it and has recently become obsessed with doing "headstands" (I have 911 on speed dial). It's encouraging to hear that you guys are having such a positive experience with it!

-Karinya @ Unlikely Origins

Jansen Family March 2, 2011 at 8:49 AM  

Well, I suppose we all have our fears, Karinya! So far, it's seemed like a very positive, confidence-building experience. They also have little lessons about things like eating fruits and veggies and doing chores! Yoga sounds really fun too...watch out for those headstands!