Our Valentine's Day Par-tay!

Fun, fun, fun!  I am loving Valentine's Day more every year!  Besides my husband being a brilliant romantic, the kids are old enough to really enjoy the holiday.  So, the kids and I had a Valentines Party!  Wahoo!

Our first game was inspired by Jon.  I hid ten little green hearts around the living room and "school" room.  They loved hunting for their "heart treasures!"  ("Arrr" for the pirate-type game!)
For our snack I used a heart cookie cutter on some bread.  Each kiddo had a piece of bread and butter to decorate with raisins.  And eat, of course!  Part of me really wanted to do sugar cookies with them, but they all seem to have had plenty of sweets and they had a great time decorating their bread.  Besides, it is healthier!
 We had a couple games by the big blue heart.  It's some kind of blue duct tape.  The kids were mesmerized by this big, blue thing in the middle of the floor!  I could have just showed it to them and they would have entertained themselves for hours!  But I did have two games planned.  First, we did the Hokey Pokey around it.  Then we had a Marker Toss.  The kids chose an X to stand on and tossed the marker in the heart.  They all succeeded.  They are so skilled.
 Finally, we made valentines.  I started by giving them each one with a rhyme.  I expected them to do a little finger play with me, but once they realized they each got a card they were a little fixated on their valentines!

Four little valentines, happy as could be.  I gave one to **Kaia**, then there were
Three little valentines, looking right at you.  I gave one to **Harry**, then there were
Two little valentines, having lots of fun.  I gave one to ****, then there was
One little valentine sitting all alone.  I gave one to ****, then they were home!

We finished with them making valentines for each other.  We made valentines for parents on Friday so they could make cards for each other today.  I thought it was cute that after they made cards for each other they wanted to make one for themselves too!
 After we were done, they were all so tired that we barely made it through lunch before they crashed for naps.  I'd call that a success!

I love this picture!
This last picture is from Kaia helping her Daddy make cookies on Sunday.  Valentinesy?  Yes.  Party today?  No.  Fun picture that goes along with this Valentinesy post?  Yes!


The Shepherd family February 15, 2011 at 1:15 PM  

I love your little commentary that goes along with it :o) You can put whatever pics you want to, it's your blog! That's the beauty of it :o)

Jansen Family February 15, 2011 at 7:25 PM  

So true! Sometimes I feel like I have a running commentary all day long, lol!