Online Science Class for Preschoolers--How Kids Learn

The online science class for preschoolers begins in one week!   Wa-hoo!!  Are you in?  I am so very excited!  Last week I posted the supplies you'll need, and previously I posted about multiple intelligences and teaching young children science.  
Kaia learning about gravity, height, balance, and more!
Today I wanted to spend just a minute talking about how children learn.  

Next week you will notice that most of the lessons include very little "front-loading," or you time when you instruct and your child listens. Instead, most of the lessons are experiments or activities that your child can do with a little guidance from you.  I like to limit front-loading to what is necessary to appreciate the lesson. 

This is because kids (and, in my opinion, adults too!) learn far more when they experience something than when they are simply told something.  During the experiments your child will have lots of things to show you and (most likely) lots of questions for you.  Your child will remember your verbal brilliance if you wait to share it until she is interested and asking questions.  Questions are gold! 

If you will be joining me with a younger child (2-3 years old), you will want to focus on the activities and experiments.  Choose what is developmentally appropriate for your child and have fun!  Older children (5-6 years old) will have more questions and be able to sit for (a little!) more explaining.  The focus should still be on fun and letting your child try (experiment) new things.  Learning is a natural part of the process!


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