A Beauty Party

"Mommy, what's rouge?"

"Mommy, I want to try some lipstick."

"Mommy, do they make lipstick for kids?"

I've been fielding questions like this for the last two months.  Finally, I suggested to Kaia that we have a little party and she can get all dressed up and put make-up on.  She was so excited she started jumping up and down and planning her "Beauty Party."

In case you didn't know, a Beauty Party has to have lipstick and lip-gloss and eye-shadow and rouge and nail polish and treats and friends.  Have I ever mentioned before what a little party planner Kaia is?

Well, she had her Beauty Party yesterday.  She had a blast.  Here's a few pictures:

Her analysis?  As we cleaned up she said, "Mom, Let's do that again!"