Chicken Rice Salad Recipe

Dinner in an hour with only 15 minutes of prep?  Yes, sounds good to me!  Actually, HEB (one of my favorite local grocery stores!) has this Showtime event where they regularly cook dinner and hand it out as samples.  Their "Chilled Chicken and Rice Salad" won me over in one bite...and Kaia and Harry loved it too!  I changed the recipe a bit (for reasons that follow!) and will give you both recipes:  HEB's specific instructions and my less-specific but absolutely delightful meal today!  

HEB's Chilled Chicken and Rice Salad (serves 4):

* 1 cup uncooked HEB Brown & Wild Rice Blend
* 1 5-ounce bag of fresh Baby Spinach leaves
* 1/2 cup Cookwell Honey-Lime Vinaigrette Dressing
* 1-2 cups chopped cooked Chicken
* 1 small can Mandarin Oranges, drained
* 1 cup halved seedless grapes, red or green
* 1/2 cup coarsely chopped Walnuts

1.  Cook rice according to package directions.  Chop spinach coarsely; toss with hot rice.  Set aside to cool slightly or chill until ready to serve.  Stir in dressing.
2.  Toss rice mixture with chicken, oranges, grapes, and walnuts.  Serve at room temperature or chilled.

I wanted to serve a lot more than four, I couldn't find the special rice, I didn't want to buy special dressing, my kids are too young for nuts, and I didn't have time to cook chicken.

Here's What I Actually Did (serves a lot more than 4!):

* about 4 cups of cooked (white long-grained rice and quinoa)
* about 3 cups baby Spinach
* about 2/3 cup Marie's Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing
* about 2 Tablespoons Marie's Honey Dijon Dressing
* 2 12.5-ounce cans of chicken
* 1 large can of Mandarin Oranges, drained
* 2-3 cups of red grapes

1.  At snack time I started the rice and quinoa.  
2.  About 15 minutes before lunch, I mixed the rice/quinoa with the spinach and plucked the grapes.  I added the dressings to the rice and mixed it thoroughly.  Then I added everything else.  The kids helped.  
3.  We had lunch. My kids aren't picky eaters, but they absolutely loved this. I actually had a hard time getting a picture without little fingers!  Here's some eating in action!

So, are you going to try it?  I'd love to know if you like it or how it sounds!


Judy Haughton-James September 14, 2011 at 2:40 PM  

Looks delicious! Lovely pictures!

Jansen Family September 16, 2011 at 8:06 PM  

Thanks, Judy! It was yummy!


Theresa September 19, 2011 at 2:55 PM  

This looks so good! I used to have a recipe similar to this, but lost it. I'll have to try yours :-)