What We Do At 5:30 in the Morning

Everyone likes to get up at 5:30 am, right?  Well, our kids sure do.  A couple months ago we realized that we could probably use our time a little better.  

Scenario 1:  I wake up to the cute toddler patting my shoulders and kissing my cheeks.  The clock says 5:30.  When I try to give him a hug and go back to sleep he climbs on top of me and starts to jump.  This inevitably wakes up Jon.  About 30 seconds later the cute preschooler shows up for some snuggles.  After lots of hugs, Kaia plays computer games while Harry plays with toys on our bedroom floor.  Harry gets bored and hungry after about 15 minutes.  At that point one or both of us drag ourselves downstairs to feed Harry and get a snack for Kaia.  We lounge on the playroom floor while Harry plays for 30-60 minutes and try to convince ourselves that we are actually getting useful rest.  Sometimes, Jon starts studying at this point.  Eventually, we have to shower and get ready for the day.

Scenario 2:  When Harry wakes us up, we give him some hugs and get ready to go running.  Again, the clock reads 5:30.  About the time we're dressed, Kaia comes in for her hugs.  We grab some snacks and sippy cups, load the stroller and take off.  When we come back we take turns showering and watching the kids.  Ideally, everyone's ready for the day at 7:00 am.  

Writing it out, it seems like a no-brainer, but it's taken us a long time to opt for Scenario 2 (read: about 15 months).  This is actually the fourth time I've started a workout program since Harry has been born, but it is the first time that it has lasted more than three weeks!  Maybe I'll do another post next week about how to stick with a program.

The kids also really love their running time.  Kaia usually runs a few blocks with us at some point and Harry will sing and "talk" the whole time.  Kaia also likes to pick out Jupiter (her favorite planet), Mars, and the moon--all easy to see this time of year! 

What do you do with your kids while you exercise?