Happy 17-months, Harry!

I've definitely been on a video kick, lately!

Here we have Harry dancing to the music on the basketball hoop!  He also likes to rock out to a few other songs!

Next month (18 months) will be a much more comprehensive birthday post, but for this month, here's a few highlights!  Harry:

* favorite songs: Uh huh, Eency Weency Spider, Head Shoulders Knees Toes, One Thousand Steps, Dinosaur Song, Clean Up.  He is an excellent dancer!

* Best words (speaking): Mommy, Daddy, boo.  Seriously hoping he'll be able to say more by next month!

* Favorite words (hearing/acting): outside, bath

* Least favorite words (hearing/acting): diaper, no, all done

* Harry has very articulate hands.  They point and gesture very effectively!  He also speaks very fluent grunts and gibberish.  He has signs for more, please, where, all done/full, and play.

* He loves to draw, paint, and glue.  He also likes to eat the glue, paint, and crayons.  Yikes.

* Sometimes it seems like he understands everything!  He will follow directions like, "Put this back," "Put the book away," "Where is your other shoe?  Go get your other shoe!" "Kick the ball," "Go get Daddy," "Brush teeth!" and much more!  When I turn on the clean-up music, he always grabs a block and puts it away!  He also loves to put stickers on his chart after we finish cleaning.

We just love, love, love this baby!  I will definitely make a longer post about him next month...I think 18 months might as well be a whole birthday!


Vivian October 27, 2011 at 12:24 AM  

Happy 18 months to your little guy. They sure grow fast.So happy to see you are enjoying him to the fullest :)

Nicki October 27, 2011 at 9:36 AM  

Happy birthday, Little man!

Jansen Family October 30, 2011 at 3:23 PM  

Thanks, Vivian! It's so true...I swear we just brought him home a few weeks ago!

Thanks, Nicki!