Chasing the Light

One of my favorite things about "homeschooling" is that we can learn about whatever the kids are interested in learning about!  (Does it really count as "homeschool" when my kids are so young?  I can't imagine going through a day without learning.)  

Light and dark were exciting topics yesterday!  Kaia built a "Cave of Darkness" that survived the evening clean-up, and the kids experimented with flashlights and different objects to see how translucent each object was and how the objects changed the light.  We even had a shadow puppet show.

My All-Time-Favorite-Activity-of-the-Day, though, was this:

You would think they'd never seen a flashlight before!  (They have, many, many times!)  Somehow, though, this moment of chase was absolutely exhilarating.  I couldn't help laughing with them!  

They chased that light much longer than I would have ever thought possible.  

They practically laughed themselves hoarse.

They loved every minute!

And so did I.