Light Box, Salt, and More!

Light boxes have been pretty popular on a lot of preschool and homeschool blogs lately, and now I know why! Not only is it a great sensory experience for young children, older children can learn tons about light, shapes, textures, and more!

First we made some colored salt to use on the light box:

Then we made the light box with a bucket and a set of white Christmas lights.  We started with the colored salt:

And then they each had their own ideas:

I see us using a lightbox again for tons of activities...shapes, counting, stories, and more could all be even more fun with a cool back-lit box!


momto8 January 6, 2012 at 12:07 PM  

I never even heard of this! Looks way fun! learning through play is as good as it gets! i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

Autism Mom January 6, 2012 at 12:32 PM  

New follower from MeloMomma's Share It Friday hop. Great post! Think I'm gonna try one of these.
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ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R January 6, 2012 at 1:17 PM  

looks like such fun!!
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Jansen Family January 6, 2012 at 2:14 PM  

Momto8, I am a HUGE fan of learning through play, and this IS a ton of fun!

Jen, Let me know how it works for you--I'm sure you'll love it!

Pamela, Fun for sure! Thanks for stopping by!


Imelda @ Husband, 4 boys, et. al January 6, 2012 at 4:10 PM  

Wow! This is a cool idea that my little kids will most likely like. I am following from Melomomma's hop.

Whole Child Creative Curriculum January 7, 2012 at 10:17 PM  
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Jansen Family January 7, 2012 at 10:18 PM  

Imelda, Thanks for coming by! It was so easy to set up--hope you guys love it!


Carolyn January 8, 2012 at 3:57 PM  

You are right, I do love the videos! Everybody is so cute and beautiful. I'm so glad you got to do fireworks for the new year!

Carolyn January 8, 2012 at 3:59 PM  

Hey, I did it!! ...And it was a little complicated for me too! :) I love you guys, thanks for making posts of my adorable and beautiful little grandkids...I love being related to you guys!! All my love, and happy new year!

CountryFunMaine January 8, 2012 at 5:16 PM  

Looks like your first exploration went the same as ours. The box has become a regular part of our afternoon play - (because with the lights off) "It's fun in the dark."
I've been gathering ideas to expand our usage -

Jansen Family January 8, 2012 at 6:28 PM  

lol, Mom! I know which post you were talking about. ;)

CountryFunMaine, I can totally see how you could do it daily! Thanks for sharing your link!


Skye January 11, 2012 at 2:05 PM  

I always say it - but you come up with the coolest stuff!

Jansen Family January 11, 2012 at 11:06 PM  

Thanks, Skye! This one was really fun--for all of us!


Keitha January 13, 2012 at 7:51 AM  

Great idea! I never thought about using salt on the light table.

Lindsi B January 13, 2012 at 10:11 AM  

This is great! Would you please share this with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays?

Jansen Family January 13, 2012 at 10:40 AM  

Thanks, Keitha! They really enjoyed the salt, but then they wanted to try other things too!

Sure, Lindsi! Sounds fun! ;)


martianne January 13, 2012 at 10:50 AM  

Could you share more about how you made the light box? It looks simpler than some and I am wanting to amke one as easily as I can!

Jansen Family January 13, 2012 at 12:48 PM  

Martianne, It was very easy! I plugged in a string of white Christmas lights and then put the entire string (well, as much as I could) underneath a big plastic bucket we have. (I just dumped the balls that we usually store in the bucket out. ;)) There were a few lights by the plug that didn't quite get under the bucket--you can see them in the first picture--but most of the string was just under a big upside-down bucket! :) It worked great!


MiaB January 13, 2012 at 11:01 PM  

What a great activity for little ones!!! They look like they are so engaged :) I'm your newest GFC follower and would love it if you could share this here -

Have a great weekend.

Beth ( January 15, 2012 at 4:48 PM  

What a fun idea! Your kids look like they are having a GREAT time! I am your newest GFC follower. Thanks for linking up to TGIF! I look forward to seeing your posts linked up again soon,
Beth =-)