It's the Little Things

I have so many big things to write about--fabulous outings, local trips, classes, new recipes, crafts, and other projects--but sometimes it's the little things that make days memorable and build relationships.  I'll work on the big things later...tonight, I'm going to share a little thing.

A few days ago, my kids tried Sugar Snap Peas for the first time.  Kaia saw them on Sid the Science Kid and wanted to try them in real life.  Both kids loved breaking open the pods and pulling out the did our little friends!  I was the only one who thought the pods were edible.

Kaia insisted the peas only tasted good if they were rolled in Ranch.  Harry thought they were amazing plain.

The whole pea extraction process was such an adventure in discovery and senses.  There were different ways to open the pods, different colors and sizes of seeds, and some pods that were even empty!  Kaia announced every new breakthrough and Harry would hold up each discovery while announcing, "See?!"

They learned something new together.  They discovered something they didn't know before.  And they did it at the kitchen table...yay for easy!  And yay for little things!


Nicki July 4, 2012 at 7:07 PM  

This is so cute! I remember laughing at a toddler in my class who did the same things with green beans. He only ate the little beans inside and left the casing. Too cute!!

Jansen Family July 7, 2012 at 4:47 PM  

I know, Nicki, it totally makes me laugh!! None of them would eat it...even dipped in Ranch!