Curious George Pancakes

I meant to put this up yesterday when it could have been a Wordless Wednesday post, but since I didn't get to it until today I'll just have to include some more words.

We made Curious George Pancakes for breakfast!  They were a huge hit, of course, and the kids asked for them again today (haha!).  They might, however, become a weekly treat!  Or maybe we'll find something else cool and easy to do with pancakes...

I was inspired by Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons, but I did make a few changes.  (You really should peek at her post too, though, because her pancakes look more Curious George-y than mine.  Still, my kids were thrilled.)  I made whole wheat pancakes for the heads, 1/4 a marshmallow for each eye, and carob chips for the pupils, nose, and mouth.  I have nothing against mini-chocolate chips for the mouth and eyes, but I didn't have any at home.

Here's the Curious George crew:

We added strawberries, milk, and homemade syrup for breakfast, and the kids seriously thought they were in heaven...or at least they acted like it for the whole meal!