Fun at School

Last week we were lucky enough to get to pick Jon up from school while it was still daylight.  The kids had a ton of fun walking around the University of Houston, hanging out with their Dad, and enjoying the nice Springy weather.  I enjoyed it too--water always makes me happy and just walking with my family was wonderful.  It's simple, but it was a nice change of pace.  Sometimes those brief little moments are refreshing enough that even jumping back into the normal routine can be relaxing.

Wordless Wednesday: Strawberry Picking

We went strawberry picking at Atkinson Farm in Spring, about 20-30 minutes north-west of us.  It's my new favorite strawberry farm, but I'll let the pictures tell the rest!

Ooops...I blinked!

Harry was very concerned that part of the tractor was left behind!

Atkinson's also has a little shop full of home-grown veggies and a few fruits--Mmmmm!
A lot of the strawberries had been beat up by the four straight days of rain we had just had, but we were still able to easily find a lot of good ones--it actually made it a lot like a treasure hunt for berries!  Even Harry knew to look for yummy strawberries, not yucky ones, lol!  

On the way home, Kaia said, "I have a riddle for everyone!  What starts out green, but changes to red?"  The answer: strawberries!

I think we'll be going back as often as possible during strawberry season! Yay!

St. Patrick's Day Fun!

We had tons of St. Patrick's Day fun yesterday!  We had lots of "normal" Saturday stuff to do, but throwing in some St. Patrick's Day activities turned out to be very memorable.  Harry woke up about 15 minutes before Kaia, so I just had time to put together a little leprechaun visit before she came downstairs:

He also turned our milk green--what a sneaky little guy!  His note included a treasure hunt to find some plastic gold and supplies to make Rainbow Hats!  Kaia LOVED the treasure hunt--I see quite a few more in her little preschool future!  She kept saying, "This is so much fun!"  Harry was happy to run around with her looking for the "papers."

Kaia created her Rainbow Hat all by herself!  You can't see it, but the strip of paper over her head is a rainbow.  A pot with gold coins is on one side of the headband and a cloud is on the other.  Harry enjoyed coloring his hat ("color" and "hat!"), but needed a lot of help taping.  He was, however, very happy to wear it!

For lunch, we had Shamrock Sandwiches:

For dinner we had a Rainbow Pizza:

We've also done some St. Patrick's Day and rainbow themed activities and worksheets during the week.  Kaia has really started to enjoy worksheet-style activities, so I'm starting to make a lot of more of those for her.  

My favorite part of the day, though, was when Kaia created her own treasure hunt.  She drew shamrocks on green paper and had her daddy help cut out strips.  She told me what to write on another paper, then hid her clues. We went through her treasure hunt and found supplies to make Shamrock Hats!  How cute is that?!  I love that she came up with the concept all on her own!  And, of course, she and Harry had a blast wearing hats again right before bed!

Happy 21 Months!! (Snapshots of life for Harry)

Okay, so technically Harry is 21-1/2 months old now.  For some reason, actually sitting down and stringing these pictures together has been very intimidating for me...I'm not sure what will happen when he turns 2!  But, 21 months is a landmark birthday and to celebrate I've put together some pictures of Harry from the last couple weeks.  Most of them are many of his favorite things, but a few are just things he does all the time  So, here we go! 

Look at that smile!  I just love how easily it comes and how ready he is to laugh with us!

He wasn't quite sure about our Groundhog Day treat (graham cracker groundhog in chocolate pudding dirt with green coconut "grass").  It was only a minute after this that he decided the thing was best used like fingerpaint, dumped out on the table!

This kid loves to cook!  Here he is mixing together some blueberry muffins!

And here he's mixing bread.

He has this thing about poking his food.  He's fast too--He got to about 5 of the blueberry muffins before I saw his little poking finger at work!

He likes to eat too!  He's not a picky eater, though he does have a hard time holding still long enough to eat a decent meal.  We usually get about 5 minutes out of him.

He is getting pretty good with a spoon and fork, but his hands fit his attention span much better!  He eats so much faster with them!

After about 5 minutes, he will often eat for a few more minutes standing up.  After that, he just can't hold still any more!

He has been able to climb over every gate we have for a couple months.   He also likes to move chairs and stools around so he can climb anywhere, reach anything, and feed himself.  This is his favorite bowl: Mickey Mouse.  I don't usually snap pictures of him in ridiculously high places before I take him down, but this table shot seemed safe enough!

Of course, there are other things to do in the kitchen too!  He loves to help with dishes and sweeping!

He is also getting to a point where he'd rather paint a project than his own head--yes!  Of course, this is still totally unpredictable.  

He does like to draw and now keeps the markers and scissors at the kids craft table--usually!  He has experimented with the scissors, but they don't usually work right for him.

He is getting more social and really enjoys playing with toys with other kids!   When he wants the toy to himself, though, he calls out, "Turn! Turn! Turn!"

This boy loves his tools!  I've had to tell the boys that they must hammer on boxes--not the door, windows, or walls!  (Poor kids--they so want to fix the door!)

He also says, "Build!" and "Blocks!" and...

"Car!" and "Truck!" and "Tracks!" and "Broken!" (when the tracks come apart).  He loves to watch the "dump truck" and play "trash truck" with the other kids!

I don't think he will ever grow out of Peek-a-Boo!

One of his favorite things is to take all the cushions off the couches and jump on them.  Actually, he loves to jump from any high place to the floor.  He can't really lift up the pillows, so it's a good thing his Super Sister and Friends love this game too!  I love watching them set up their Giant Bouncy House and play on it!

His all-time favorite place is definitely outside.  He likes to run, play in the dirt, splash in the rain, swing, slide, and  do anything else outside.  Cold or not, hot or not, this boy loves to go outside!

"Bus! Bus!"  Funny thing, though, it sounds just like "Box! Box!"

He is getting much more involved in our little projects, and really enjoyed this Bubble Painting!  He also like to blow bubbles with wands and blow out candles.

He thinks his sister is pretty much the coolest person one Earth.  Luckily, she likes him too!  He just started saying "Kai!" for Kaia instead of "Ai!"  He also says the names of all of our friends and most of their parents!

Harry definitely learns through his hands more than any of his other senses.  He loved this Ooblek project (make it with about 1 1/2 cups of water, food coloring, and a box of cornstarch--more details here)...

and was way more involved in balancing coins that I expected!

I'm pretty sure he thought he was driving...if I don't buckle him into the car immediately, he will climb into the driver's seat and start "driving!"  And those shopping carts at the grocery store with a car attached to the front are pretty much the coolest things ever!

Surprisingly, he was very careful not to break this one!

Sad Harry...

Happy Harry!  And it can change, just that fast!