Bok Choy Recipe

Bok Choy, also known as White Cabbage or Chinese Cabbage, is full of amazing vitamins and nutrients...and it totally jumped into my cart last weekend!  This post is actually for my sister--I was just telling her how I was excited to try cooking it in a new way, and she asked what it was.  Well, here it is!

Quick Bok Choy
(because it might have taken 10 minutes to prepare!)

1- Chop the whole head of bok choy into pieces about 1" x 3" and leave it on your cutting board.

2- In a big frying pan, pour about 2-3 tablespoons olive oil, 2 tablespoons sesame ginger salad dressing, 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce, and 2-3 tablespoons soy sauce.  Stir them together and bring to a light boil.

3- Add all the bok choy, mix it all together, put the lid on, set the heat to medium, and let it cook for 5-10 minutes.  You want the leafy green parts soft and the big white parts slightly crunchy.  You can always take a bite and see if you like it!  

I seriously love how it turned out!  My kids both tried it and Kaia ate about a 1/2 cup serving.  It was too hot when Harry tasted it (by the time it had cooled down he was done eating), but we had another 1-year old friend over who enjoyed several pieces.  

I also love to throw bok choy into stir-frys and soups, but I wait until 

Free Giveaway: Beyond Coastal Sunscreen Pack!

Our family loves to play outside!  Parks, playgrounds, pools, sandboxes, and garden hoses are quickly becoming our favorite fun activities.  Of course, since we live in Houston, we get the sunny heat for more than half the year...and we love it!  I snapped this picture the other day of the kids playing in the backyard.  I won't be surprised if Harry does the monkey bars before anyone else!  We spend at least an hour outside every day, and the sun is usually up well before 7:00 am!

Since our whole family loves to spend time outside and we are all pretty fair-skinned, I was thrilled for the chance to sample Beyond Coastal's sunscreen products!  I love that the products are all natural, contain no parabens or petroleum, and block both UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays.  Many sunscreens will block UVB, but not all will block UVA.  UVA may not give you a sunburn, but it does penetrate deep into the skin and may contribute to premature aging.  I also love that it includes natural ingredients like rose hip oil, green tea leaf extract, coconut and jojoba oil, vitamins, aloe vera, and more to nourish, repair, and hydrate the skin.

The sunscreens go on nice and thick, but absorb quickly.  I especially love the sunscreen chapstick!  I was able to sample five of their products in a Sun Care Pack, and I am happy to recommend them all!  Even more exciting, one lucky person will win the very same Sun Care Pack and get to try the amazing products pictured above!  Use the Rafflecopter Form below to enter this free giveaway!  Enter soon--the giveaway is open until midnight on Saturday, May 26th!

Disclaimer:  Beyond Coastal provided products both for me to review and for this giveaway!  There was no other compensation provided.  All opinions are 100% mine, and I will never recommend something I don't love!  

Mother's Day Flowers!

I seriously love these flowers!  It makes me want to try growing tulips this winter!  
In real life, the blue flowers and vase are very clearly purple, but the light and the camera combined to make them look blue...and I'm okay with that!  They're gorgeous both ways!

A great big Happy Mother's Day to all you mother's out there...especially everyone who did not get a vacation yesterday!!  I hope you have a wonderful week!

Wordless Wednesday: CAR


A few notes:  
(I know, someday I'll have a "Wordless Wednesday" that really is wordless!)

* Harry began making car sounds almost a whole year before he began talking.  Anytime he gets in the car 30 seconds before I buckle him, he races to the front seat and starts "driving."

* This car is almost three decades old.  It is solid metal.  The steering wheel really steers, and the feet really pedal!

* We have it for sentimental reasons.  My husband has memories of driving it as a preschooler.  His uncle saved it for some time, and then he passed it on to us the summer after we married.

* I was not expecting my baby to drive it!  The car was sitting in the back of the garage when Harry spotted it.  He ran to it, yelling, "Car! Car! Car!"  He climbed in and tried to maneuver it around the garage.  Finally he called out, "Stuck!  Car!  Stuck!" in a pained and "I did the best I could" voice.  I lifted it out for him.

* He drove it around for well over half an hour, completely thrilled.  (In Harry's world, that might as well be eternity.)  After I had the camera out, he would occasionally look up and say, "Cheeeeeeese!" 

* He asks me to get it out for him frequently now.  When he says, "Peeeease!" and rubs his shirt (the sign for "Please") at the same time, I just have to help him.  He can be quite the charmer!

Update:  A Little More Info:
(Because maybe someday I'll print off this blog and it will be like a little family history scrapbook...wouldn't that be cool!)

During the last few days I've learned a few more things about this car and thought I should update this post!   It turns out that the car is over three decades old!  Jon's mom bought it used when Jon was little.  Their family loved it and then passed it on to their cousins, who also drove it a ton!  Their dad, Jon's uncle replaced the steering wheel and repainted it.  He also stored it until the summer after we married.