Happy 2nd Birthday Harry!!

Harry turned two at the end of May...so it's about time we celebrated online!  We had his birthday party at the park the day after, but Kaia insisted on giving him a present from her on his actual birthday.  Here he is with his first present...it was definitely a hit!


"Strong Harry!"  Whenever he lifts something heavy, he loves to announce, "Strong Harry!"  He gives the same badge to any of us when we pick up something large or heavy!

This little guy is all about cars and trucks!  He loves to watch the dump truck take our trash, point out police cars, and imitate fire trucks.  A Fire Truck Cake seemed very appropriate!

At first, Harry couldn't decide whether he should eat it or play with it!

It did not take long to figure out, though...he knows what to do with candles!

Even cake and pizza can't keep him away from toys for long! 

We might be getting ourselves into a tradition where kids with un-birthdays get presents at birthday parties too...

We had a few more presents we did at home--his attention span just would not hold out at the park!
It was a wonderful birthday, and Harry had a fabulous time--we are so glad that his best friends could come and play too!  

Harry is such a delightful little guy!  He is considerate, friendly, happy, and loves to get into everything everywhere!  He has so much energy that he rarely holds still--even when he sleeps!  We are so grateful that he is part of our family!

A Temple Trip

Can you tell they love going to the temple?!!  Every time Harry sees this first picture he gets very excited, jumps, claps, and says, "Harry!  Kaia!  Temple!" 

We like to try to take them at least once every few months.  Last time we came it was too cold to enjoy the beautiful landscaping (it must have been about 45 degrees!), but this time they completely loved it.


We think it's important for them to feel the Holy Spirit of God on the grounds of the temple, even if they're too young to go inside.  They also enjoy going inside the Visitor's Center, but I like the pictures outside better. ;) 


(Kaia was very proud of taking this flower picture!)

(finding snails and tossing them back in the garden)

I love this picture!!  As Kaia would say, "We have a great family!"