Happy Birthday, Kaia!!

One of my all-time favorite people ever turned six a week ago, and we spent more than a week partying.  It all began with a trip to Toys-R-Us.  They have a program where the birthday kid gets a balloon, a gift card, and a little in-store party to celebrate.

Then, we had our family party at Chuck E Cheese.  I have no idea how this tradition began, but our kids expect pizza and toys every year.  This year we took a ladybug cake with us too.  Kaia wanted her party theme to be ladybugs, so we decided to start that right away!  Kaia had a great time decorating the cake with me!

I did not realize they remembered much about Chuck E. Cheese besides the toys and pizza (it had been like a year since they'd come!), but Kaia actually had a booth in mind that she wanted us to sit at!  As we situated everything, Harry climbed up to the table and poured salt onto the cake!  Yes, that would be my two-year old...slightly obsessed with pouring spices onto foods! 

I scraped off the affected frosting (about 1/3 the cake).  Later, Kaia actually cut her own cake...first time ever!

Then, the kids spent a couple hours playing on toys and games.  When they used up their tokens, they played on the indoor climbing/jungle gym thing, and loved that.  Ryleigh spent a lot of time with Grandma.

A week later we had Kaia's party with her friends.  She wanted to invite the three friends we watch and everyone in her class at church.  We ended up with about ten kids.  Kaia has always been very adamant about having a party with friends and the sorts of things that should happen at these parties.  This year, her theme was ladybugs.  We started out modeling a prehistoric landscape and playing with dinosaurs.  Ladybugs lived over 65 million years ago, so I thought this was appropriate.

And, of course, we had to blow up the dinosaurs since they are extinct now.  A few volcano eruptions (vinegar and baking soda) took care of that.

Kaia invented and requested a game of Pin the Spots on the Ladybug--she also colored the board herself. 

Harry needed to help in the board-coloring process.

Next came the ladybug pinata.  This is another birthday tradition with mysterious origins, but we all love it!

Finally, we ended with the cake.  Kaia wanted it shaped like a number six with flowers and ladybugs.


Kaia had a great time, at all her celebrations!  She has loved ladybugs for months now, so it was no surprise that that was the theme she chose.  She is such a loving, smart, strong, helpful, and creative girl!!  We are so glad that she is in our family and that we get to celebrate things like birthdays and climbing and flowers and friends and ladybugs and butterflies with her!