Old MacDonald's Farm--Harry's Birthday Part 1!

During the last couple years, we've taken the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for a small, family birthday celebration.  This year, however, Harry announced he would rather go to Old MacDonald's Farm.  And he wanted a bus-shaped birthday cake.  Not a yellow bus, a "Daddy Bus."  So, Harry's birthday week started with a trip to Old MacDonald's Farm:

Of course, we started with cake and pizza!

Then Harry and Kaia played on the playground and in the giant sand pile.  I was eating, so I didn't take pictures there!   Next came a train ride:

and lots and lots of animals!

I love how they kept waving at each other!

We ended with about an hour at the pool:

Harry had a fabulous time...so did everyone else!  We'll celebrate more this week, but I knew this post would be so long that it needed to go up by itself!