A Train Cake & Truck Pinata (Harry's Birthday Part 2)!

Even though we'd already been to the farm for Harry's birthday, it was important that we celebrate with his friends too.  So, we had one more party with the friends he sees every week.  I was even happy with the way this train cake turned out!

This is the cake before Thomas the Train (a gift from Kaia) came out the tunnel.

Of course, I learned that you should cut off the round top of a cake before stacking it the hard way.  This little checkered support is my solution for a hill that kept trying to fall off the mountain!

Harry, happily, loved it!

Pinatas are becoming a birthday tradition around here.  Harry wanted a truck, of course!

I seriously cannot believe he is three already!  He has moments where he is so grown up and thoughtful and deliberate and focused, and other moments where he seems so little still.  He loves to help his sisters, ride his bike (he is really good at that--he might even get his training wheels off before Kaia!), tell jokes, climb, run in circles, play with his friends, play with water and mud, eat treats, and visit his neighbor.  He is obsessed with all kinds of trucks, and has been since he was six months old!  I really cannot even begin to list everything he loves because he is so into everything!  His energy and enthusiasm for life is unstoppable!

Harry is smart, fun, bold, and always moving.  We are so happy to know him and so glad that he is part of our family!