Gymnastics (2012-2013)

Kaia's gymnastics class ended with the school year (in May), but I never did a proper post about it!  At the end of May they had a Mini Olympics where she got to show off her skills at each station.  Here are some snapshots from the night:

The bars are usually her favorites, though she really likes the tramp, balance beams, and floor routines too.  The also have a big pit filled with foam cubes that she loves playing in.  I love to see the confidence and healthy habits it gives her.  She creates stretching routines for us all the time (after we run), loves to talk about exercise, and does a fabulous front roll.  I also enjoy seeing her do backwards rolls, and stand upside down using a wall for support.  Of course, Harry copies these tricks too...

Harry has been a super supportive brother.  He attended all her practices and performance night with a happy, excited-to-be-here attitude.  Kaia took her first "class" when she was 3 1/2, so we will probably sign Harry up for fall classes.  Kaia's been very happy with this gym, and I expect we'll be back in a couple months.  We took the summer off for swim (and a general break from normal school year busy-ness).  ;)

One more picture... in her "ta-da!" pose with her ribbon: