Kaia's Kindergarten Graduation

Kaia's Kindergarten Graduation (in May) was a great chance to highlight a wonderful little girl who is growing so very fast!

We're homeschooling right now, so we did the kindergarten graduation with a large homeschooling group in our area.  There were about 20 kids graduating, and the ceremony was personal and friendly.

They started with a procession where the kids were escorted in:

Then her dad gave her the diploma while the announcer read a short bio:

The video's a little choppy, but here's what it said:

Kaia has had an exciting Kindergarten year!  She has learned to read, learned about birds, insects, plants, our bodies, and so much more! She has designed projects, planned science experiments, and written stories.  She loves music, writing songs, and even playing the piano. She is a great teacher and example for her younger siblings and friends.  She is a very smart girl, and we are so proud of her!

And here are a few snapshots of our big now-first-grader:

(Harry actually had a great time!)


Skye July 22, 2013 at 9:05 AM  

so wonderful! congrats to kaia! look how big she is getting!

Jansen Family September 20, 2013 at 1:55 PM  

I think that all the time...I just can't believe how grown up she can be sometimes!