Cody the Smart Cub (by V-tech) Review & GIVEAWAY!!

A big thank you to V-tech for sponsoring this post!

I am so excited to share V-tech's new learning toy for young children: Cody the Smart Cub!  He talks, sings, and laughs, and asks your child questions.  He's an adorable stuffed animal, and a great "learning toy!"

Our Cody the Smart Cub arrived last week and has been popular ever since.  He is designed for children 6-36 months, but is also a huge hit with Harry (40 months) and Kaia (6 years).  Ryleigh (8 months) loves pushing the heart "button," watching it light up, and listening to it thump a gentle rhythm.  You can see her playing with it in the picture above.  She also likes to push on its tummy.  When it first said her name, she looked up at me like, "Did you hear that?!!!"   I wish I had the camera handy for that was awesome!

Harry has surprised me with how much he loves Cody the Cub.  When he first played with it, he methodically pushed every button on its body until he figured out what to expect.  When Cody announced, "Halloween is in two months!" Harry laughed and laughed, and then turned to me and said, "This is a smart bear!"  Then he continued to push the paw until the phrases cycled back to "Halloween is in two months!" so he could laugh at it again!  He also declared, "I like this bear!"  

Kaia played with it just long enough to figure it all out, and then she was happy to pass it back to her brother.  She explained that it was made for younger kids, but a few minutes later I caught her showing Ryleigh how it worked.  

Straight from the box, it is programmed with fun holidays, great phrases (it asks you to give it five, find its foot, etc), fun music, and more.  You can also plug it into your computer with a short USB cable.  The cable is included, but it is very short: I could not put Cody the Smart Cub on my lap and have it plugged in at the same time.  I scooted the computer over so there was more space right next to the USB plug, and it worked great.  It takes about ten minutes to set up your computer to interact with the Learning Lodge at V-tech, but it is a very easy ten minutes.  I plugged the bear in and followed the prompts that showed up on the screen.  Once everything was installed, I could customize Cody to my heart's content!  I only spent about fifteen more minutes customizing him: now, Cody will say all my children's names (and none of the them are especially common!), count down to holidays, bed-time, talk about favorite foods and colors, and more!

And the best part (for you!) is that V-tech is giving another Cody the Cub away to one of my readers!  Just use the handy Rafflecopter form below to enter!  Please note that entrants are limited to the continental United States and if you win you need to respond to my email within 24 hours or a new winner will be drawn.  The giveaway will end at midnight on October 4th.  Good luck!!

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V-tech provided me with a Cody the Smart Cub to review and sponsored this post.  All opinions are 100% mine...I only recommend products we love!

Ryleigh's 6-Month Pictures & update

I love baby pictures!  And I love the effect digital photography has had on picture taking: getting hundreds of shots of very similar poses!  I have tried to narrow these 6-month pictures down to just a handful for you.

Of course, I think she's the cutest baby ever (you know I have three cutest babies ever now) and I love to look at her over and over!  So, here's a couple of the bloopers:

And what was she doing at six months?

  • Obviously she was sitting, rolling, and grabbing objects!
  • She also could say a pretty clear "Mama" and "Dada" and summon Kaia and Harry with distinct calls. You might call her calls a cry, but I can tell it's a name.  She has been working very hard on talking.
  • Her first food, at six months, was homemade baby food: carrots!

And what is she doing now?  Well, we're approaching eight months in another week, and here are some of her mad skills:

  • She has a sign for "come," though she also uses it to summon inanimate objects.  Often, she gets lucky and they come flying toward her (in the hands of Kaia or Harry).
  • She pulled up (all the way to a standing position) for the first time yesterday.
  • She likes to stand and hold on to things...and she gets very frustrated when she falls!
  • She is doing a fun combination of rolling, scooting, and almost-crawling to get around.  She has crawled a few times, but it's usually an accident.  Yesterday, she actually crawled deliberately...though she only moved each leg once before she fell on her tummy!
  • She loves to go outside.  She loves to go running in the jogging stroller.  She cries whenever we walk past the door without opening it and going outside.
  • She is still working hard on talking.  She makes lots of sounds, and we're not sure what it all means, but one of her favorite games is to make sounds and listen to us copy them.  She also copies back, and it is hilarious!  
  • She has lots of ideas and opinions and is not shy about letting us know exactly what she wants...and doesn't want!  She does not like getting dressed, wearing headbands, having her diaper changed, or having her face wiped.  She does like to go outside, touch new things, eat (especially those funny Gerber puffs, fruit, and carrots), and she really loves playing with her family.

Happily, we really love her too, and are so glad she is now part of our family.  Harry and Kaia play with her so well and love to make her happy.   A few weeks ago, Kaia said it best: "I just can't imagine our family without Ryleigh!"