Dinovember (Part 1!)

It's a good thing Jon's brother told us about Dinovember; otherwise, we would have had no idea why these dinosaurs keep getting into trouble!

When we came back from an early morning run, we spotted them:  the dinosaurs were helping themselves to one of my favorite snacks (crackers, cream cheese, and jelly)!

Luckily, we knew that during Dinovember toy dinosaurs come alive during the night and have all kinds of adventures.  They also get into all kinds of mischief...

Kaia and Harry were not too sure what to think about them.  

Kaia decided to roll with it...those naughty dinosaurs!

Harry still insists that "these dinosaurs are fake!"

Harry thought it was much more likely that someone took our keys, snuck into our house while we were sleeping, and set up the dinosaurs.  This is serious business!

The next day, we found the dinosaurs in the middle of a rock band jam session!

After this, we had to put the dinosaurs up high so they could not climb down and get into trouble.  I'll let you know how that worked out next time!

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