A Day at the Beach!

Last time we went to the beach, the weather was a bit chilly.  We told the kids we would come back, but with a pregnant mom and a dad finishing school, it has been months!  As a last-minute, end-of-spring-break adventure we decided to go to Galveston for a day, and it was perfect!! 

Prepare for a million pictures--I just thought everyone was so cute, over and over!  And, I loved what the evening sun kept doing to the pictures.  If my phone hadn't died, there would have been a million more!

We started with a boat ride--we were hoping to see dolphins, but instead just enjoyed a boat ride.  As we entered the boat there was a sign that read something like, "Please do not stand on the front of the boat.  Sharks like your children as much as you do."  We thought it would be good incentive for our children to not climb places they shouldn't, but we may have over-done the warning:  Harry spent the first 10 minutes of the ride terrified of sharks.  Happily, that fear went away and he was able to have fun too.

Then, we went to the beach!  The weather was awesome.  The sand was awesome.  The water was awesome.  Everyone had so much fun that we will have to go back soon.  Kaia even said, "This is the best Spring Break ever!"

Like I said, there are a ton of pictures!  I feel like I should have some kind of prize for you for making it all the way to the end, but...I can't think of any!  Wait, I know!  If you can pick them up, I'll make you cookies!

Anyways, I should finish our little story by saying that everyone fell asleep in the car while Jon and I made faces at traffic...it took at least twice as long as it normally does to get home.  It must have been Spring Break!