How To Get Out of Trouble

Wow...where did the months go?!!

So much happened, but somehow none of it is written down.  How about a quick summary and then a moment from the awesome life of Harry!  :)

In review...we had some crazy awesome Dinovember fun, Thanksgiving, a Nativity event, Christmas (with fab visits from all but three members of Jon & my immediate families), Ryleigh's birthday (must do a make-up post on that one!), and Valentines!!  We've been studying Africa, enjoying the Olympics, and playing as much as possible!  The kids continue to amaze me with the way they grown, reason, and explain the world.

So, a peek into Harry's brilliant way of dealing with things:

My kids are not supposed to ride their bikes in the street.  They do get to ride them up and down the sidewalk where I can see them.  Tonight, I stepped into the street to get the mail and both Kaia and Harry rode into the street and started cruising past me.

Me:  Whoa!  Get back on that sidewalk!  You know better than that!

Kaia:  I was just checking the mail too.  (Yeah, still getting sent back to the sidewalk.)

Harry:  I was just riding in the street to give you a hug!  (Sheesh.  How can he get in trouble for that?!)