Happy Birthday Ryleigh!

Sometimes everything lines up just how I want it and my blog captures so much of our daily adventures.  Other times...not so much.  This is one of those times.  I realized I have not blogged about birthdays at all this year...and we've already had three!  So, hopefully I can give each of them their own post very soon!  We'll start with Ryleigh...

Ryleigh turned one year old at the end of January!

We absolutely love this little lady!!  She can make dirt and mud so extremely adorable--it's amazing!!  Not only does she love playing outside, she also loves pretty things...especially tutus!  Unfortunately, my pictures from the beginning of the year are very disorganized...hopefully I can find more pictures of her birthday party and pretty clothes soon!

Some of Ryleigh's favorite things (both then and now!) include swinging and going for a run.  And it is no coincidence that they both happen outside!

On her actual birthday, Ryleigh was actually pretty sick.  She had been fighting a mean cold for two days, and still had one more day to go.  So, she had a super healthy carrot shaped carrot cake (with not-so-healthy frosting...I know!).  Kaia thought it would be awesome to have a carrot cake for her first birthday since her first food was mashed carrots.  :)  

Love, love, love this baby!!  And I love that almost six months later I know that cold only lasted a few days!