Swamp Monster Birthday Cake

My absolute favorite man in the whole world had a birthday this month!  It may have taken him a while to decide on a birthday cake, but when it did it was one I never would have thought of: a healthy Swamp Monster Tres Leches cake!

The kids were super excited to give their daddy a remote control car.  Just check out that jumping action!

They even wrapped it all by themselves, though there may have been a little drama with some missing batteries that somehow fell out of the wrapped present!

The cake was really an exciting project.  Jon wanted a cake that Ryleigh could participate in (her super low sugar diet is a post in itself!), but he also wanted a swamp monster.  So, we used this no sugar no wheat tres leches cake recipe with a few modifications: I used ground cashews instead of cashew butter, doubled the vanilla, and used almond milk instead of coconut milk.  For the three "leches," I used almond milk, then whipping cream sweetened with 2 big pureed bananas, and finally, blue "swamp" whipped cream sweetened with pear juice and a little stevia.  It was a fabulous no sugar cake, and we are starting to get used to the difference in sweetness level.  :)  Unfortunately, I did have to use some sugar for the monster.  Basically, everything green is real sugar, so Ryleigh got blue pieces.  :)   I used normal frosting for the top of the monster head, and marshmallows for the eyes and fingers.

Look how happy she was to get the same party food as everyone else!  For only being 18 months old, she is very smart and gets very upset when we try to give her a dessert that's different than everyone else's.

Kaia and Harry put the candles in.  Lighting the cake was epic.

And, of course, Jon got a little help blowing out the candles.  Kids are awesome.

Tragically, Jon had to go to work after his evening party.  He had some clients he had to interview about 40 minutes north of our house, so as I tucked the kids in, he took off.  And, just to make sure this birthday was extra memorable, he managed to get in a fender-bender on his way out of town.  On a positive note, everyone involved was fine and our car should be better soon too!

On an even more positive note, I should just comment on how lucky I am to have this guy!  He is so supportive and happy and puts up with all of my strange ideas so nicely.  I wish we could celebrate him and his fabulous life every day!!  

Monster Truck Birthday Party at Old MacDonald's Farm

Harry turned 4 at the beginning of the summer and wanted two things for his birthday: a Monster Truck Birthday Cake with the number four on it and a party at Old MacDonald's Farm.  Well, birthday boy...wishes granted!!

The wheels were definitely the most popular part of the cake...we had to split them so each kiddo could have half of one!

This was the first time I tried making a cake using fondant, and I felt a lot like a kid playing with play dough!  I learned a lot, and will try a few new things next time, but it sure made my cute 4-year old happy!

Now...where are the pictures of the kids riding horses, feeding deer, and petting goats?  I don't know, but when I find them, I'll be sure to add them!

For the record, Harry's current...

Favorite food: chips and salsa...and pizza and cheeseburgers.
Favorite show: Transformers Rescue Bots
Favorite transformers: Optimus Prime and Bumblebee
Favorite thing to do: play with friends (including Kaia!)
Favorite imaginary friend: Cocky Spell

We absolutely adore our Harry and are so thrilled to have him in our family!
He is full, full, full of energy, love, and excitement about everything he does...a natural reminder to enjoy life and let the little things go!