Santa 2013

I know I'm going to be putting up pumpkin patches and fall pictures soon, but I came across these Santa pictures from last year and had to share them before Christmas came around again!

It's funny how one year can make such a big difference...Ryleigh actually has hair now!

And as long as I'm sharing, I might as well tell a story...

These pictures were taken at a church Christmas party, where Santa made an appearance after dinner.  About two hours before the party, we decided to do our weekly shopping trip at Wal-mart.

We managed to get through my list and take our two shopping carts up to the check out stand in one and a half hours.  Remember this was in December...the check out lines were insanely long.  The only lines without 6-8 people in them were the self-check out lines. So, we decided to check ourselves out...after all, it's not that hard!  (Famous last words...)

As we approached the check out counter, Jon offered to take the kids home and clean them up for the party.  I do not remember why we had two cars there, but it seemed like a great idea.  I started scanning our groceries.

It took me about 15 minutes to scan everything.  I checked the time, and was pleased that we managed to do our weekly shopping and still get to the party on time.  I scanned my debit card.

It was denied.

I was shocked.  I knew there was plenty of money in the account.  I had used it an hour earlier to buy Christmas presents at another shop.  I assumed there was a problem with the card reader.  The self-check-out helper lady tried it.  It didn't work.  She printed the receipt and we moved to her computer.  Denied again.  A manager tried.  Denied again.

The minutes were ticking by.

I texted Jon.  I didn't dare call him because my phone's battery was super low.  He suggested calling the bank.  The cashier said the same thing as I read his text.  I explained I couldn't call them because my phone was dying.  She handed me hers.  

By now, I was both late and horribly embarrased.  

I called the bank.  They were experiencing "longer than normal wait times."  Ack!

More minutes went by.  Jon was already at the party with the kids.  I was getting close to missing
Santa!  Finally, mortified and still on hold, I returned the phone and apologized for leaving an over-flowing shopping cart full of bagged groceries, but this mama was not going to miss Santa!

Once my phone was plugged in the car, I checked my email.  Less than an hour earlier I had received an email from our bank telling me that they had imposed an insanely low daily limit because I had used my card at Target during a two-week time frame when their security had been compromised.  My bank wanted to make sure that nobody stole my information and went on a spending rampage!

I was more than a little upset by the late notice.  I ended up cancelling the card and using Jon's card (since it was the same account) for the rest of the holiday season.  At the time it was incredibly annoying...though now it makes an entertaining story.  :)

And the happy part of this story:  I got to the party a good 15 minutes before Santa arrived!

Ryleigh was perfectly happy to look at him... from a distance!  The second I put her on his lap...well, you can see the pictures!  Kaia and Harry both loved their visits...and the candy he gave them, lol!