Muddy Pigs Cake!!

Happy Birthday Jon!!

Our adventures with fun cakes began a couple years after we were married.  I asked Jon what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday.  I expected him to say something like "chocolate," but instead he said, "A Pirate Cake!"  I decided to go for it, and this was the result.  Almost every year since has brought new challenges, both from him and our kids!  This year, he wanted a "Muddy Pigs Cake!"  And this was the result:

We were inspired by this cake.  To make it safe for everyone in our home, we used a sugar-free chocolate cake mix and frosting...though they still tasted very much like "normal" cake and frosting!  The fence is from kit-kats with a green ribbon wrapped around them.  Hint: If you make a muddy pigs cake too, freeze the kit-kats before you unwrap them...they're a lot easier to work with!!

I made the pigs with a marshmallow fondant (yep, none for Ryleigh!):

Jon had lots of help blowing out the candles!

And the kids even made him his own birthday banner:

Happy birthday to the best man EVER!!!