Family Picture, 2010

Jansen Family Adventures began as a blog to keep in touch with family and friends.  As I (Carla) have spent more time with it, it has evolved into much more than that!  It is now a sort of Family Journal/Idea Collection/Recipe Book/Teacher's Handbook/Science Notebook Collection.  I cannot begin to list the amazing people I have met through blogging--I love connecting with other families through blogging!  "Meeting" and getting to know other ladies/families is my favorite part about blogging!

I will host giveaways if I find the product useful and I expect my readers/blogging family to enjoy it.

I noticed recently that my blog sometimes seemed to be "taken over" by preschool-ish posts!  I do have a preschooler that I am homeschooling (at the moment!), and I do frequently post about our adventures.  However, I just started Preschool Powol Packets and will post preschool projects over there even more regularly!  Don't worry--there will still be some here too, but I want to have room to talk about everything else here as well!

So, who is Jansen Family Adventures all about?

Harry and Kaia, October 2011

Mostly, these two!  Kaia was born in 2007.  She is our princess, tomboy, and angel, all wrapped in one! We are, of course, convinced that she is the smartest, sweetest, most loving little girl ever!   Harry was born in 2010.  He takes life at it's highest setting possible--if he's not running full-throttle, he is probably sleeping!  We're also sure that he's the cleverest, climbing-est, most loving little boy ever!  We are currently homeschooling them both, and love to hear from other homeschooling families!

UPDATE:  It's also about Ryleigh!  Born in 2013, we are just beginning to get to know her!  She loves to be involved in everything--if she's in the middle of it, she's thrilled...especially if it is all happening outside!

Of course, Jon and I also show up here too!

Jon and Carla (and our Study Abroad Group) in Cambodia, 2004.
I have a degree in Biology and love learning!  Right now, I've traded my Science Teacher Hat for Homeschooling Mom Hat...though I often break out the Science Teacher Hat for my own kids now!   I sometimes post about science-related topics, preschool, young children, crafts, recipes, nature, or anything else I find exciting.  Really, anything related to our family, our family members, and our adventures is fair game.  After all, life's an adventure!

To contact me, send an email to yes_carla AT yahoo.com